Get to know us

Thomas Narowetz

Head of Department & Fan of Digital Tools

Our passionate expert for digital applications and innovations. In his analogue life, he convinces with charm, heart and agile team leadership. His secret superpower is generating project names.

Nikolaus Schrümpf

Deputy Head of Department & Synonym Acrobat

Niki is our man for networking and successfully collecting business cards. He is irrevocably committed to data protection, quality and the environment. When it comes to fast typing, he easily rivals ChatGPT. Although Niki doesn’t like to appear online, this is the living proof: he really does exist.

Lukas Zlattinger

Project Manager & Treasurer

Lukas, the man for sustainability and numbers. He is responsible for our finances and is becoming more and more of a social media expert. The most sporty of the bunch is a member of many clubs and has earned himself an award as Greek’s Best Tourist.

Verena Maier

Project Manager & Logo Producer

The creative head of the Room466 team, who not only brings exciting projects to life, but also takes care of our online presence and marketing materials. Verena is always on the lookout for new trends.

Patrick Flach

Project Manager & Protocol-Guru

Patrick is our expert for green projects, but his openness to new ideas also makes him versatile. We are confident that he will contribute significantly to the implementation of an efficient coffee billing system.

Barbara Leipold

Project Manager

Barbara, a passionate coffee enthusiast, enjoys staying active. She relishes the opportunity to meet new people at social networking events and engages in sports in her leisure time. With her expertise in technology and economics, she provides valuable support for projects in digital learning methods and talent management.

Rosa Hergan

Project Manager & Mindmap lover

Rosa doesn’t just dream in English; she’s also an enthusiastic sunset hiker and actively involved in civil society. Her open-minded and helpful nature particularly enriches the team in the areas of career orientation, talent management, and digital learning formats.

Clara Ghislaine Ibold

Project Manager

Clara, from Hamburg, has a rich background in cultural anthropology and an ongoing agricultural and forestry education at the Grottenhof technical college. Enthusiastic about ecological and socio-economic discussions, she contributes to the successful realization of the LifeLongWood project as project manager. In her spare time, she pursues her passion for hiking, horse riding and gardening.

Lea Wiedmann

Project Manager

Lea, a sociologist and social researcher, navigates societal complexities with a keen eye. Alongside her academic endeavors, she finds joy in both exploring new destinations and experimenting in the kitchen. Passionate about both travel and culinary arts, Lea’s explorations extend beyond geographical boundaries to culinary ones. Additionally, she dedicates her time to various volunteer initiatives, demonstrating her commitment to social causes and community betterment.

Reicela Baltina

Project Manager

Reicela, an enthusiastic reader with varied interests, enjoys exploring castles and hiking in her spare time. With an academic background in sociology and media studies, she brings valuable perspectives to conversations. She values high quality investigative journalism and is passionate about learning new languages. As a project manager, she contributes significantly to the success of projects in the areas of green skills and talent management.

What expertise do we bring to the Room?

  • Project development and management
  • Access to the Styrian economy and vocational education and training
  • Event/ conference organisation
  • Development of curricula
  • Development of courses with digital forms of learning
  • VR/XR
  • Implementation of studies/ stakeholder workshops/ surveys and focus groups
  • Know-How on circular economy and sustainability
  • Piloting in companies
  • Video shooting
  • Support of social media channels

What know-how is available in the Room?

  • Environmental Systems Science
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Natural sciences (physics, technology)
  • Social sciences & empirical social research
  • Communication Sciences
  • Education

We are no experts in:

  • Table soccer
  • Functioning coffee billing system