Immersive learning in lifelong education and training with a focus on the 50+ age group

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05/2022 – 09/2022 (completed)

Immersive technologies will become an integral part of education and training in just a few years’ time. While current projects and initial applications of immersive technologies have a technical (feasibility and implementation) focus and are aimed in particular at technology-savvy user groups (e.g. apprentices, young employees), little attention has been paid to the inclusion of older users in particular.

As part of the ImmerLern50+ project, the needs and challenges of the target group of employees 50+ with regard to continuing education were surveyed with a special focus on the use of immersive learning technologies and XR. The study results were compiled using qualitative social science methods and published in a report.


  • ImmerLern50+ research report
  • ImmerLern 50+ List of areas of application of immersive learning technologies in metal, automotive and electrical engineering