Green Skills

Our projects are designed to support employees and employers through innovative educational offers in the field of green innovations, circular economy and sustainability. The aim is to establish, increase and consolidate the ecological idea.


ENNE+ aims to build on two EU-funded projects that have successfully established or strengthened national networks of VET providers in combination with the use of existing CoPs (Community of Practice) to promote the EU Skills Framework.

  • Erasmus+ I Cooperation Partnership
  • 23 Partners
  • 5 Countries
  • 01/2024- 12/2026


XRGREEN.CON aims to promote circular economy topics in the construction sector by developing learning units through innovative AR/VR simulations. Vocational trainers in the sector will be trained with augmented reality on circular economy topics to develop experiences that are customized for learners.

  • Erasmus+ I Cooperation Partnership
  • 5 Partners
  • 5 Countries
  • 10/2023 – 09/2025


As part of the Green H2VR project, an immersive learning training course is to be developed that makes green hydrogen technology tangible and accessible.

  • Erasmus+ I Smaller Partnerships
  • 3 Partners
  • 2 Countries
  • 05/2023 – 12/2023


With a view to the challenges in the fields of energy, climate and environmental protection, 3LoE establishes professional competence centres for the green economy and implements a wide range of vocational training, education and higher education measures on sustainability, digitalisation and entrepreneurship.

  • Erasmus+ I Centers of Vocational Excellence
  • 24 Partners
  • 7 Countries
  • 11/2022 – 10/2024


The GREENOVET project promotes the development of vocational education and training competences in the field of green innovation across Europe , to enable an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy.

  • Erasmus+ I Centres of Vocational Excellence
  • 18 Partners
  • 4 Countries
  • 11/2020 -10/2024


As part of the WWW&CE project, an alliance was set up to act as a competence center and develop programs to impart knowledge in the fields of environmental technology, the circular economy and management.

  • Erasmus+ I Cooperation Partnership
  • 11 Partners
  • 7 Countries
  • 03/2019 – 06/2022(completed)

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