Senior Talent

Senior Talent

Unleashing talent & workforce of late-career employees and senior citizens to foster a socially and economically sustainable Europe

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12/2023 – 05/2026

The main aim of the project is to develop ideas and concepts to keep the talents and skills of people before and at retirement age available for the labor market or to develop them further and make them creatively usable for other sectors and areas. The solutions to be developed should be intergenerational, demand-oriented and economically attractive. This means that they should not only maintain skills, but also fulfill skills-building (social and educational) functions. 

This will be achieved through the development of a study report, a workshop toolbox and a white paper. The study report will survey the expectations of older employees, retirees and companies as well as the legal framework and the resulting toolbox will serve as a source of information and further training for the target groups. The white paper communicates the results of the study and pilot phase of the toolbox as well as recommendations to relevant decision-makers in order to promote social and economic development in Europe and to counter the shortage of skilled workers with new coping strategies.


  • Study report on the expectations and needs of persons aged 55 years and over and SMEs towards employment past retirement age 
  • Workshop toolbox with resources for senior talents
  • White paper with recommendations on concrete measures for policy and business


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