Immersive experiential learning of the repair of electrical appliances for the circular economy

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09/2023 – 11/2024

The VR²epair project is an EU project with the aim of facilitating training in the repair of electrical appliances for vocational training by simulating a range of common household appliances in a VR simulation with various possible defects so that both troubleshooting and repair can be practiced in an interactive and immersive environment. Interactivity not only has a positive effect on immediate learning success, but also increases motivation to learn.

The result is an innovative course that will significantly improve the training of relevant electrical professions in relation to the repair of electrical equipment and, in particular, problem-solving skills. The project is therefore a necessary accompanying measure for the successful implementation of the EU goal of a circular economy by 2050 and makes an important contribution to the practical implementation of the statutory repair requirement.


  • Dialogs with experts
  • Innovative VR training app
  • Ensuring the qualification of apprentices & skilled workers in electrical engineering


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